We take an environment friendly approach to pest control, using natural, non-chemical pest control methods where possible.

Our goal is to ensure the protection of our fruit against harmful insects and diseases but also to minimise our impact on beneficial insects in the process.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

We implement Integrated Pest Management practices, a long-term process of solving pest problems through biological control at our production units. For the implementation of this complex system we work closely with our IPM specialists from Pest Elite.

Industry pest control participation

Modderdrift participates in the pest control programmes that are managed by the South African fruit industry, namely Medfly,  managed by FruitFly Africa  and False Codling, managed by Xsit. These pests are controlled by means of Sterile Insect Technique, an environmentally-friendly insect pest control method involving the mass-rearing and sterilization, using radiation, of a target pest, followed by the systematic area-wide release of the sterile males by air over defined areas, where they mate with wild females resulting in no offspring.