One of the main sources of the success of our business is our committed and skilled staff. The future success of Modderdrift is not only in our fruit but in the skills and commitment of our loyal and motivated staff members.

Grapes are highly perishable and most production practises and all harvesting and packing has to be done by hand. Farming with grapes is therefore extremely labour intensive and would not be successful without our experienced, skilled and motivated staff members. We therefore highly value their vital contribution to the success of our business and are committed to ensuring their well-being and living requirements.

We maintain good working relationships with our staff members through ethical practices and providing them with the opportunity for self-development and improvement through ongoing skills development and training opportunities. This level of commitment was recently illustrated when we achieved an “A” grading for our SIZA Ethical Audit as well as for our annual GRASP audit.

Modderdrift has a permanent workforce of 300 workers and during the harvest season Modderdrift farming employs an additional 700 seasonal workers. As our productions increase over the next few years, our staff component is expected to increase. The salaries we pay all exceed the minimum wage.

We currently provide more than 110 workers (35 families) with free housing, water and transport.