Our production practices are guided by sustainability and ethical practices and while we remain on the cutting edge of modern production practices, our family business retains the traditional values of honesty and integrity.

Modderdrift has its headquarters near De Doorns in the Hex River Valley with another office at Brandwacht Farm near Worcester in South Africa, Western Cape and is a producer, packer and exporter of top quality table grapes.

Modderdrift derives its name from our original farm at Orchard in the Hex River Valley. In 2015 the business expanded to include two additional units, Brandwacht and La Montagne, both located at Brandwacht, 30km to the south west in the Breede River Valley near the town of Worcester. Earlier in 2019, we acquired a fourth production unit, De La Hay, bordering on our original farm at Orchard. During the middle of 2023 we added another production unit, Modderdrift Bo Plaas, to our business.

Today we have a total of 206 hectares of table grape vineyards under own production, which consists of 152 hectare in the Hex River Valley and 54 hectare at Brandwacht. We plan to plant a further 30 hectare at Brandwacht, thus expecting to have 236 hectares of  vineyards in the near future.

Our farms and pack houses have well-developed operational infrastructure including state-of-the-art packing, sorting and cold storage facilities. We strive to provide our receivers with only the best quality through developing our production methods and post-harvest infrastructure to the best of industry standards.