Protecting our developing crops is vital to ensure the successful  production of exceptional quality grapes.

Irrigation and Fertigation

Our Irrigation is managed by the Mottech Water Management computerised irrigation system from Motorola. This state-of-the-art irrigation technology makes it possible to finely calibrate our irrigation (which prevents water wastage) and provides sophisticated, real-time flow monitoring and feedback. The Motorola system also allows us to implement fertigation by applying water soluble nutrition to our vines via the irrigation system.

Soil and leaf samples guide nutrition practices

To ensure optimal crop development, we take regular leaf and soil samples throughout the growing period to analyse the health and needs of the plants and adjust the nutrition as required immediately. When we establish new vineyards, we also take soil samples to correct any nutrient shortages or implement any pH as required.

DFM Technologies moisture and temperature probes

We make use of probes that continuously measure the soil moisture content and temperature at several depths. This real-time information feedback makes it possible for us to monitor soil moisture and temperature conditions and adjust our irrigation applications accordingly if required.